Hydrogen-powered self-driving car in development

Hydrogen-powered self-driving car in development

Tech company Auve Tech and the University of Tartu are developing a hydrogen-powered self-driving vehicle, expected to be completed by mid-2021.

The purpose of the cooperation is to develop technology that enables the use of hydrogen fuel in cars.

The hydrogen fuel system will be integrated into Auve Tech’s next-generation self-driving vehicles.

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“Our next-generation fuel cells operate at significantly lower temperatures than previously available on the market, said Enn Lust, Director of the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Tartu, Professor of Physical Chemistry.

“This ensures a significantly longer life for these devices, and they will also be several times safer.”

Iseauto, pictured above, is Auve Tech’s first generation vehicle that has grown out of the company’s cooperation that started in 2017 with Tallinn University of Technology.

Väino Kaldoja, the author of the concept of Iseauto, said it is important for tech companies to involve top Estonian scientists from day one, as Auve Tech has done. Only through collaboration between scientists and companies the significant innovative R&D solutions can emerge.

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