Hydrogen refuelling station opens at former Olympic village site

One of Japan’s largest hydrogen refuelling stations has opened at the former site of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics athletes village, according to reports.

The Mainichi has reported that the station opened this week, with Eneos Corp set to operate the station and produce hydrogen in alignment with the Metropolitan Government.

The amount of hydrogen supplied is expected to be capable of operating the equivalent of 40 fuel cell-powered buses for a day.

The hydrogen will also generate electricity through five fuel cells located in the former village, which has now been converted into residential high-rise apartments.

Supplied to the district of Harumi in Chuo Ward via an underground pipeline, the hydrogen will be used for facility lifts and lighting. H2 View understands this is the first time hydrogen has been piped into a specific area in Japan and added to a residential energy mix.

Last year (2023), Enapter delivered 30 AEM EL 2.1 electrolysers and 15 dryers to Tokyo Gas to support a hydrogen refuelling station – the “first” commercial station using AEM electrolysers in Asia. With an installed capacity of 72kW, it can produce 30kg of hydrogen per day.

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In 2022, Air Liquide revealed plans to build a 24/7 hydrogen refuelling station in Motomiya City, Fukushima, to serve light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and passenger cars and buses.

The station is scheduled to become operational this year. The company also signed an agreement with ENEOS last year to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen in Japan.

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