Hydrogen set for the spotlight at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge event
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Hydrogen set for the spotlight at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge event

The eighth Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is set to commence from July 6 to 10, 2021 with hydrogen in the spotlight with nine teams choosing to utilise the clean fuel.

The event is being organised by Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) alongside the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and International Powerboating Federation.

In partnership with the Prince Albert II Foundation and Mission for the Energy transition Monaco, YCM is organising a second-round table of the Monaco Hydrogen Working Group on July 9.

This initiative aims to bring together institutions and leaders in hydrogen development to discuss how it could be applied in different sectors.

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In addition to this, SBM Offshore, as well as competing in the Energy Class race, is showing a demonstrator floating pontoon that produces green hydrogen from renewable energy, namely via solar panels and hydraulic energy through a tidal turbine.

The Exhibitors village will also be running through the duration of the event and, much like the vessels, will showcase green technologies including hydrogen.

For instance, hydrogen is at the heart of research by H2SYS which specialises in hydrogen generator sets and fuel cells capable of delivering from 500W to 3.5kW DC.

Equipped with an installation scale, a user interface and communication cards, data can be monitored and registered in real time.

Another example is Aquon One an autonomous solar catamaran built by Swiss Sustainable Yachts AG which produces its own renewable energy onboard and stores it in the form of green hydrogen.

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