Hydrogen Technologies enters UK market

Hydrogen Technologies enters UK market

Through its sister company Deuterium, green hydrogen project developer Protium has partnered with US-based Hydrogen Technologies to commercialise its Hydrogen Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC™) in the UK.

Protium today announced its partnership with the US company as part of its efforts to support the decarbonisation of heating for small to mid-sized industrial energy consumers, based in the UK and Ireland.

Hydrogen Technologies’ DCC™ burns hydrogen and oxygen in a partial vacuum to create heat and steam. The innovation can be used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, with the only by-product of the process being water.

Once deployed and operational, the solution will significantly support the decarbonisation of heating for properties in the UK, by providing a zero emission, low water usage heating system capable of displacing the use of fossil fuels for end-users.

Chris Jackson, Founder and CEO of Protium, and Director of Deuterium, said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with HTI and the establishment of Deuterium.”

“As one of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s ‘1000 solutions to change the world’, HTI’s DCC™ will provide a unique decarbonisation solution for UK businesses, and Protium is delighted to offer it exclusively to UK operators.”

Janet Reiser, CEO of Hydrogen Technologies, added, “We are thrilled to be working with Protium and Deuterium to expand the availability of our world-leading technology.”

“Through the combination of HTI’s expertise in hydrogen boiler technology and Protium’s knowledge of the UK market, we are able to offer a really unique method for helping British businesses to achieve zero emission steam; for heat and indeed for CHP applications.”

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