Hydrogenics is a worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and installing industrial and commercial hydrogen generation systems, as well as hydrogen fuel cells and MW-scale energy storage solutions.

Hydrogenics has helped its customers drive innovations and set new benchmarks in transportation, fueling, renewable energy and energy storage. As the first-to-market supplier of scalable PEM electrolysis systems, and with the successful deployment of fuel cells in numerous transportation applications, Hydrogenics continues to solidify its stance as a hydrogen leader and strives to help their customers achieve new heights.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Hydrogenics has over 145 patents and over 2,000 applications installed around the world and is constantly evolving to meet market demands. Hydrogenics has manufacturing sites in Germany, Belgium and Canada and sales and service centers in Russia, Europe, Pacific Asia, the US and Canada.

Hydrogenics is solely focused on hydrogen applications and solutions in order to drive change in the industry. The company offers scalable technology for large hydrogen production installations such as renewable fueling and power stations.

Its newest hydrogen generation systems are the result of the company’s continuous improvements to performance, flexibility, quality, and durability, providing the best cost to quality ratio and conversion efficiency in the industry. The company currently has more than 500 of these systems in operation across the globe and most recently announced the development of the world’s largest electrolyzer generation system in Canada capable of producing a little under 3,000 tons of hydrogen annually.

Last year, Hydrogenics commissioned a multi-megawatt Power-to-Gas facility providing regulation and grid stability services in Ontario, a first and largest of its kind in North America with the capacity to generate 1,075 kg of hydrogen per day.

Its fuel cell division designs, develops and supplies fuel cells for transportation and critical power applications. The company has helped its customers reach new milestones by providing integrated fuel cell packages for the world’s first fleet of hydrogen powered passenger trains in Germany, as well as the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered passenger airplane and high speed ferry.

Additionally, Hydrogenics has helped customers to scale up, supporting the development of the world’s largest fuel cell bus fleet in China. It is these first and large scale achievements that Hydrogenics prides itself on.

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Busy start to 2019

Hydrogenics has already made a successful start to 2019. In January, Hydrogenics announced a $20.5m private placement and technology partnership with Air Liquide. The partnership was described as a natural choice for Hydrogenics given the company’s leading edge large-scale PEM electrolysis technology that offers the smallest footprint and highest power density in the industry.

To further strengthen this partnership, Hydrogenics received a major order from Air Liquide to design, build and install a 20-megawatt electrolyzer system for hydrogen production. “We’re excited to support Air Liquide’s hydrogen needs, particularly in a renewable hydrogen applications utilizing hydroelectric power,” said Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Hydrogenics.

Market view

In recent years, Hydrogenics has seen significant acceleration in several major themes: electrification of transport, decarbonization of fuels, elimination of diesel and intensified action on air quality improvement. The company recognizes that hydrogen can support these themes and industries that value emission free applications. Previously, scale and cost constraints had restricted many hydrogen projects, but given new larger scale projects worldwide, the company now has confidence that higher scale projects will drive progress in more competitive cost profiles, and therefore accelerating the hydrogen market.

Looking forward

The company further believes that hydrogen is well positioned to play a major role in the fight against CO₂ emissions. Hydrogenics recognizes the gas’ variety of advantages over other energy carriers with the ability to serve multiple markets and the potential to significantly cut greenhouse emissions.

Hydrogenics is excited to see the hydrogen value chain continue to evolve and that it is now supported by a series of more mature technologies that are ready for market deployment.

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