HydrogenPro elects second Chair of the Board in less than a year

Terje Mikalsens has stepped down as the Chair of the HydrogenPro ASA Board following his five-month tenure in the role.

Dag Opedal has been appointed as the new Chair of the Board by HydrogenPro. This comes after Mikalsen expressed a wish to step down from the board prior to the upcoming annual general meeting on April 22. The newly elected Chair will now serve a term of two years.

Following his nomination, Opedal said he is “looking forward to the cooperation with the management and the rest of the board to realise the company’s potential both technologically and marketwise.” A new board is set to be elected at the company’s annual general meeting.

Head of the nomination committee, Arild Frick claimed the company now boasts an “experienced and capable leader” which will lead HydrogenPro through exciting times that are ahead.

The Norwegian electrolyser manufacturer has now had three different Chairs over the past year, after Mikalsens replaced Ellen Hanetho last October (2023) following her three-year tenure.

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In October, her decision to step down was described as a shift in focus for HydrogenPro to the US. Commenting last year, she said, “As the company has evolved, certain strategic directions have caused a difference of views, and I see it as natural to take the consequence of such differences and has therefore decided step down.”

Mikalsens was then elected after being involved in the company since 2013, but just under six months later has stepped down.

Former CEO Tarjei Johansen also stepped down last year (August 2023), as the alkaline electrolyser manufacturer targeted “alternative ways” of financing its US expansion.

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In February (2024), HydrogenPro halted its plans for a 500MW electrolyser factory in Texas as it awaits US regulatory clarifications.

The company said the plans have been put on hold as “both location manufacturing model” are assessed as well as the local supply chain.

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