Hyundai reveals hydrogen-powered autonomous trailer drone for logistics
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Hyundai reveals hydrogen-powered autonomous trailer drone for logistics

Perhaps one of the most unique mobility solutions presented at Hyundai Motor Groups Hydrogen Wave forum is the hydrogen-powered autonomous trailer drones.

The e-Bogie, a hydrogen-powered container transportation system, could be revolutionary not just for hydrogen technology but for autonomous driving in general with an intelligent system implemented.

In the presentation, it is argued that a steering system could be placed both at the front and the back with detectors on each for the e-boogie to understand when to brake and accelerate.

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In addition to this, by having steering systems at the front and back, it allows the trailer to move sideways.

The system is impressively adaptable and can move autonomously through portside operations and tight urban environments.

Efficiency is further boosted by the ‘Cluster Mode’ which enables multiple Trailer Drones to travel together in an almost train-like configuration.

The fuel cell e-Bogie is not exclusive to the Trailer Drone and caters to a wide value chain such as ground logistics, construction, firefighting and disaster relief missions.

It offers a multi-purpose platform, capable of a variety of objectives – all in zero-emission and autonomous operation.

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