Hyundai ships fuel cell systems to Europe

Hyundai ships fuel cell systems to Europe

Hyundai Motor Company’s fuel cell systems are now being shipped to Europe, in order to support non-automotive companies such as Swiss hydrogen solutions firm GRZ Technologies.

The shipping of such systems reinforces the company’s strategy to become a Smart Mobility Solutions Provider, with fuel cell technology playing a pivotal role.

Saehoon Kim, Senior Vice-President and Head of Fuel Cell Centre at Hyundai Motor Group, said, “Hyundai’s fuel cell systems offer both diverse applicability and scalability well beyond zero emission vehicles.”

“By leveraging our system, our partners in mobility, infrastructure and energy can further advance the potential for a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem.”

Hyundai and GRZ Technology have been pushing for cooperation in hydrogen storage technology since last year. Using Hyundai’s fuel cell system, the company plans to produce a stationary power supply system to be used for building electricity at peak times.

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