I’m lovin it: McDonald’s Switzerland ships its Big Mac ingredients in a green hydrogen truck

I’m lovin it: McDonald’s Switzerland ships its Big Mac ingredients in a green hydrogen truck

McDonald’s Big Mac and hydrogen; probably not two things you were expecting to read in a sentence today. But ingredients for the famous hamburger and other products were shipped to a McDonald’s restaurant in Switzerland in a green hydrogen truck last month.

Logistics company Havi said it transported the goods from its centre in Oensingen, Solothurn to the McDonald’s site in Crissier, Vaud – and it called the journey a world first.

Boasting a range of 400km, this hydrogen truck runs quietly as well as emission-free; refuelling with green hydrogen created using renewable energies takes just 10 minutes.

The green hydrogen truck completed the journey without refuelling once and with water vapour as the only emission, Havi confirmed.

It moves the partners one step closer to achieve their climate goal of transporting 70% of McDonald’s Switerland’s goods to its restaurants in a CO2-neutral manner by 2025. Havi said that figure today stands at 64%.

“We are immensely proud to be offering McDonald’s Switzerland the next step towards even more sustainable logistics,” said Andreas Schwab, Managing Director of Havi Switzerland.

“Uniquely, because we are the first logistics provider in the world to be offering this to McDonald’s.”

Havi is launching this pilot in collaboration with the Association pro H2 Mobility Switzerland, which is committed to promoting and speeding up the development of hydrogen mobility, by taking concrete measures.

Nepresso coffee being delivered by hydrogen-powered trucks

© Nespresso

Popular coffee brand Nespresso told H2 View it sees hydrogen as a key part of Nespresso’s logistic operations.

“Our first dedicated hydrogen-powered truck is being used to make deliveries from factories to many stores across Switzerland, supporting our target to reduce the carbon impact of our logistics operations by 50% by 2025. We will achieve this by increasing the number of Nespresso hydrogen-trucks to six by 2022,” Pierre Logez, Logistic Manager at Nespresso Switzerland, said.

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