Industry, NGO coalition calls for hydrogen fuel shipping quota in Europe
Industry, NGO coalition calls for hydrogen fuel shipping quota in Europe

Industry, NGO coalition calls for hydrogen fuel shipping quota in Europe

A coalition of industry players and non-governmental organisations (NGO) have called for the European Union to introduce a minimum quota of 6% sustainable and scalable hydrogen fuels for shipping by 2030.

The group including Siemens Energy, Viking Cruises, Green Power Denmark, Hydrogen Europe and Transport & Environment (T&E), have called on the European Parliament and EU Council to improve its Fuel EU Maritime Regulation which was released last year (2021).

The latest letter calls for the EU Council and European Parliament to add a sub-target for use of a minimum percentage of e-fuels by 2030, which they have recommended to be 6%.

Additionally, the coalition wants a multiplier for use of e-fuel above the sub-target to be established, allowing every tonne over the sub-target to count five times to drive e-fuel investments.

Finally, the letter asks for the introduction of targets for the deployment of sustainable hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, with refuelling points in European ports, to enable supply of all e-fuels to the shipping sector.

It reads, “The Fitfor55 Package, if amended as above, will enable enormous economic and employment opportunities. We look forward to working with all the EU co-legislators to strengthen this package and ensure we can both meet our zero emission goals.”

Aimed at increasing the uptake of alternative marine fuels, the proposal previously came under fire by an NGO and industry group after its release in 2021.

Read more:  Hydrogen Europe, T&E on the European Commission to provide further support for hydrogen and ammonia within the FuelEU Maritime initiative

Daniel Fraile, Chief Policy Officer of Hydrogen Europe, said, “The FuelEU Maritime proposal leaves much to be desired. As it stands, neither the Council’s nor the Rapporteur’s positions introduce the needed policies to align the proposal with the renewed ambition of the RePowerEU.

“The current proposals do not provide a clear signal for the uptake of hydrogen and hydrogen-based e-fuels in the maritime sector. We call on the European Parliament and the EU Member States to fully recognise the role of these technologies and to accelerate their deployment to decarbonise European and global shipping.

“Sustainable hydrogen and e-fuels, particularly when produced from renewable sources, need to be incentivised by a dedicated sub-target and a multiplier that would drive up investments in these fuels.”

You can read the full letter here.

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