Industry welcomes McKinsey’s Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy

Industry welcomes McKinsey’s Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy

Transportation, gas and utility industry executives have today joined forces to promote the formal launch of McKinsey’s ‘Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy’.

 The roadmap outlines five major segments of the economy where hydrogen can play a part – including transportation, power generation and grid balancing, fuel for industry, feed stock and fuel for residential and commercial buildings.,

“By scaling up across sectors, hydrogen demand in the US could reach 17 million metric tonnes by 2030 and 63 million metric tonnes by 2050, roughly equivalent to 14% of energy demand,” the study reads.

One of those industry executives who will welcome the study on an online event later this evening is Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power. Based in New York, Plug Power hopes to be a key player in building the green hydrogen industry and, in order to do so, has set itself some ambitious goals.

Marsh commented, “We are focused on accelerating a pathway to transition from low-carbon to zero-carbon hydrogen solutions. Liquid hydrogen demands derived from multiple sectors can reach more than 1,000 tonnes per day by 2030, and green hydrogen meets the needs.”

“Plug Power has plans to build green hydrogen plants in the US, starting in the fourth quarter of 2020 using wind and hydroelectric power.”

As stated in the study, hydrogen can meet 14% of the US energy demand by 2050.

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