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© Ionomr Innovations

Ionomr Innovations releases iridium and PFAS-free AEM coated catalyst membrane

Ionomr Innovations has today (March 27) released an iridium and perfluorinated substance (PFAS) free AEM catalyst coated membrane (CCM) for electrolysers.

Based on the Canadian firm’s Aemion® anion exchange membranes (AEM), the CCM is hoped to significantly reduce the CAPEX of electrolyser systems by removing the need for iridium, which can cost up to $185,000/kg.

Having previously secured $20m of backing in a funding round supported by the likes of Shell and Chevron, Ionomr Innovations has said the CCM is a “major step forward in competitive green hydrogen production.”

Produced by synthesising a hydrocarbon base, the company has also removed the need for PFAS substances – often referred to as forever chemicals – that are used in PEM electrolyser systems.

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AEMs conduct hydroxide ions while preventing the passage of gases and positively charged ions within the electrolyser. By coating the membrane surfaces that face the anode and cathode with catalysts, the rate of chemical reaction can be increased.

The company said its CCM enables “significant” OPEX reductions, “by reducing the cost of capital contribution to the hydrogen price when paired with intermittent renewables which have a low capacity factor.”

It said using low-capacity factor electricity sources is “the only way” to provide electricity prices needed to produce hydrogen below $2/kg.

Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr Innovations said, “By working directly with leading electrode manufacturers, we’re establishing a supply chain around AEM that will allow for cost-effectiveness and rapid scale-up.”

Last September (2023), the company validated “industry leading” stability and performance of an AEM electrolyser using its Aemion+ membranes and polymers, as part of its participation in the Shell GameChanger Accelerator with the US Department of Energy (DOE) Nation Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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