IRENA continues to drive forward green hydrogen cause

IRENA continues to drive forward green hydrogen cause

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) continues to explore the potential of green hydrogen in the future renewable energy mix and its scale up, with the organisation publishing and presenting various reports around this hot topic.

September 2019 saw IRENA release its new report, titled Hydrogen: a renewable energy perspective, on the occasion of the Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

The report was produced in response to the call for IRENA to develop the analysis of potential pathways to a hydrogen-enabled clean energy future by the G20 Karuizawa Innovation Action Plan on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth, released on 16th June 2019.

Since then, IRENA has not only launched its report but has also been on something of a campaign trail where hydrogen is concerned, H2 View understands, presenting the report at various forums and participating in several hydrogen-related engagements.

IRENA was present at the London press conference of Energy Observer, with Director General Francesco La Camera a key dignitary and speaker at the event as the hydrogen-powered catamaran symbolically stopped over under the iconic Tower Bridge at the heart of the capital in late September.

In fact, La Camera had told those present, “Hydrogen based on renewables holds significant promise in the context of decarbonising transport and other sectors that are difficult to electrify. This boat underscores the fact that energy transition brings new opportunities in all end-use sectors.”

And IRENA released another new report in September, for the shipping sector, in the same month titled Navigating the Way to a Renewable Future: Solutions to Decarbonise Shipping.

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Dolf Gielen, Director of Innovation and Technology, told H2 View that the next step for IRENA is to embark upon ‘a deep dive’ for electrolysers technology and a ministerial roundtable at its assembly in early January.

He said, “We see an unprecedented political and business momentum for clean hydrogen. IRENA is committed to drive forward the emerging solution of clean hydrogen together with our member countries. Especially green hydrogen is ramping up fast, there are lots of new projects upscaling from MW to GW scale.”

“Meanwhile, the economics are improving because of falling renewable power costs and falling electrolyser costs, thus making ‘green’ hydrogen a viable option for many different types of applications.”

IRENA projects an 8% share of total global final energy consumption to be attributed to hydrogen by 2050, and the onus right now is on clean and ‘green’ hydrogen.

“There are many positive factors at play in the hydrogen energy movement right now. For IRENA, the next step for us is a deep dive into electrolyser technologies and solutions and a ministerial roundtable at our assembly in early January,” Gielen said.

Both reports from IRENA, Hydrogen: a renewable energy perspective and Navigating the Way to a Renewable Future:Solutions to Decarbonise Shipping, are available on the H2 View website under the Study page.

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