Isuzu and Honda to collaborate on fuel cell truck research

Isuzu and Honda to collaborate on fuel cell truck research

Isuzu Motors and Honda Motor have joined forces to carry out research on fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks.

The Japanese automobile manufacturers today announced the signing of an agreement for the research project which came as a result of their shared technological research goals.

Prior to the agreement, Isuzu was looking to expand its line of next-generation powertrains for heavy-duty trucks and Honda was looking to expand applications of its fuel cell technologies, creating a well-suited collaboration opportunity.

As part of the joint research, the two companies will establish a foundation for basic technologies such as fuel cell power trains and vehicle control technologies for heavy-duty trucks.

The joint research agreement will also see Isuzu and Honda promote expansive discussions by the industry so that the use of fuel cell trucks and hydrogen energy can contribute to the future of the logistics industry.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Isuzu has been researching and developing multiple powertrains including clean diesel engines, engines for natural gas vehicles and electric vehicle powertrains.

Also headquartered in Tokyo, Honda has been working towards achieving a carbon-free society by developing hybrid and battery electric vehicles, the company has also been researching and developing fuel cell vehicles for more than 30 years.

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