Jericho Energy releases white paper on its hydrogen boiler

Jericho Energy releases white paper on its hydrogen boiler

Jericho Energy Ventures subsidiary, Hydrogen Technologies, has released a new white paper today (June 2) on its cleanH2steam DCC Boiler.

The white paper provides an overview to HTI’s foundational zero-emission hydrogen-based boiler solution.

Thermal requirements driven largely by fossil fuel-based boilers for heat space, hot water, industrial process steam account for over 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Meanwhile, new product offerings fail to fully address the inherent inefficiencies, cost and emissions related issues.

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Hydrogen Technologies’ DCC boiler has been developed from a clean sheet of paper to be the boiler of the future.

The boiler maximises thermal efficiency, minimises operating headaches and also emits no greenhouse gas making it an environmentally viable option.

By combining pure hydrogen and pure oxygen has in an exothermic reaction, the DCC achieves previously unattainable fuel efficiencies in the range of 95% to 98%.

It is a closed loop system with no smokestack that is free of all current air and emission regulations adding up to a boiler that produces high-quality process steam at prices that can compete with best-in-class natural gas boilers.

The white paper was written to give customers and energy solution partners of HTI a look behind the curtain at the first-principles physics that govern the DCC’s performance and the economics it enables.

Brian Williamson, CEO of Jericho Energy Ventures, said, “We are excited to release our white paper to potential customers and energy solution partners that enable our revolutionary zero-emission hydrogen boiler.

“Introducing a novel product to market is both exciting and challenging – our overall aim is to educate our customers and partners on the significant issues related to traditional boiler systems while highlighting our novel and patented zero-emission solution.

“Decarbonising our world’s thermal needs is crucial to global net zero-emission targets and the vast majority of our customers recognise their own pathway to net zero must include a zero-emission boiler.”

You can read the white paper here.

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