Kiwa and Alliander open Dutch hydrogen demo house
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Kiwa and Alliander open Dutch hydrogen demo house

Kiwa and Dutch energy network company Alliander have opened the nation’s first hydrogen demo house in Apeldoorn today (May 27) named the ‘Hydrogen Experience Centre’.

The demo house is being utilised as a demonstration and training location set up as a private home where professionals learn how to convert the natural gas supply in residential areas for hydrogen application.

In this centre, Kiwa and Alliander will demonstrate that hydrogen can be used efficiently as a fuel in a built environment.

At the same time, the centre is intended to train technicians and installers to help them familiarise them with the natural gas to hydrogen transition with this necessary as the need for technicians who can work with hydrogen will increase in the future.

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The demo house is furnished as a residential home with a kitchen, a fuse box and a complete heating system.

In addition to this, there are two central heating boilers with one running on hydrogen and one on natural as; the heating system in the house can be connected to a boiler of choice for demo or training purposes.

Daan Schut, Chief Transition Officer of Alliander, said, “We consider hydrogen as one of the options for replacing natural gas.

“With limited modifications, the existing natural gas network can be made suitable for distributing hydrogen into homes. Using the regular gas network for hydrogen is therefore a promising option for the future.

“The next step is to show what this looks like in practice. With this demo house, we enable homeowners, suppliers and policymakers to experience this for themselves.”

With most fitters and installers having little experience with converting gas networks for hydrogen use, Alliander and Kiwa have joined forces to help train new professionals.

Paul Hesselink, CEO of Kiwa, said, “The need for professionals who will put the energy transition into practice is growing rapidly. This demo house offers technicians the necessary training facilities to bring the Netherlands one step closer to achieving the climate goals.

“Kiwa has extensive in-house knowledge of all aspects of the hydrogen system: from production and transport to distribution and end use. We have many experts in the field of gas and materials and Kiwa is an authority in the field of natural gas and other gases, such as hydrogen.”

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