Lane Power: Hydrogen and CCS are on the rise

Lane Power: Hydrogen and CCS are on the rise

Hydrogen and carbon capture, arguably buzz words of the moment in the energy sector, are being utilised more and more as the globe looks to reach various decarbonisation targets ­– at least that’s the trend energy firm Lane Power and Energy Solutions is noting.

The Houston-based company today (August 25) said “business has been on fire”, particularly with the use of hydrogen and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) for those looking to reduce energy emissions.

A trend that many other in the sector is noticing, Lane Power said that all the talk happening is about utilising the “fuel of the future” as the world rapidly moves to action, especially as building back green from the Covid-19 pandemic becomes a key focus.

On the megatrend, Mike Tritt Lane Power’s President and CEO, said, “Hydrogen can be produced in the US – we can control the energy source – so it is a matter of energy security.”

Also recognising some questions that sometimes surround the hydrogen buzz, Tritt continued, “All problems with hydrogen (regardless of the application being studied) can be solved by technological advances.”

Taking the company’s hydrogen and CCS commitment one step further, Lane Power recently became part of the H2-CCS Network which aims to connecting businesses with one another and to grow the fields of hydrogen and CCS.

Here, Lane Power will leverage its existing expertise and expand further within the sector.

On the company’s membership, Tom Gellrich, founder of H2-CCS Network, said, “We are pleased Lane became part of the H2-CCS Network. Lane is great company for this new platform designed for companies and individuals involved with hydrogen and CCS.”

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