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Lhyfe breaks ground on 10MW green hydrogen plant in German seaport city

Lhyfe has started construction of a 10MW green hydrogen plant in the German seaport city of Brake, Lower Saxony.

Located in the harbour area of Neidersachsen Ports (NPorts), the plant will produce 1,150 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, powered by renewable electricity through corporate PPAs.

With potential offtake expected to include “various” industrial and mobility applications, the site is anticipated to become the “first” in northern Germany to make green hydrogen available to “the wider market.”

NPort’s Managing Director, Holder Banik, has said the project would enable the port industry to “increasingly dispense” with fossil fuels.

“The port of Brake offers the complete package, including the available space and trimodal connections to rail, road and waterways,” Banik added.

According to Luc Graré, Head of Central & Eastern Europe at Lhyfe, the port of Brake offers “ideal conditions” for the construction of green hydrogen plants.

He said the company was driving value creation in the region, and “the availability of green hydrogen will create new jobs and companies in the region will benefit from affordable clean hydrogen.”

Michael Kurz. Mayor of Brake (Unterweser), praised the project, saying the port of Brake could become a hub for green innovation and sustainable growth.

“I firmly believe that this initiative will lead not only our industry but also our region into a successful and low-carbon future,” the Mayor remarked.

Olaf Lies, Economics Minister for Lower Saxony, added, “With this project, we are not only strengthening regional development, but also networking between industry and local stakeholders who are working together on innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Last October (2023), Lhyfe started the construction of a 10MW green hydrogen plant in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

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Just days ago, the French company announced the completed of a 14-month pilot 1MW hydrogen production unit at sea.

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