LiveView Technologies will use fuel cells to power security trailers; SFC Energy receives largest ever US order

LiveView Technologies will use fuel cells to power security trailers; SFC Energy receives largest ever US order

More than 100 SFC Energy EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cells will power LiveView Technologies’ (LVT) security trailers – a deployment that marks SFC Energy’s largest ever US order.

The German fuel cell manufacturer today (May 25) confirmed that it had won LVT as a new customer, through its order with channel partner LaTech Equipment.

LVT will use the fuel cells in rapid deployment security trailers that are mobile camera towers used for video surveillance in multiple industries.

Retailers place the trailers in their parking lots for surveillance and more efficient use of the parking areas. They protect against the intrusion of unauthorised personnel on construction sites.

Often, there is no access to the conventional power grid at the installation sites. Therefore, the trailer needs a reliable and self-sufficient energy source to support the solar panel.

Commenting on the new order, Hans Pol, Chief Operating Officer of SFC Energy, said, “This order is a milestone of our business development in the US.

“Our EFOY Pro fuel cells provide our customer LiveView Technologies with all options for a self-sufficient power supply.

“Following our claim ‘Goodbye Diesel,’ we replace less efficient generators with powerful, environmentally friendly fuel cells better complementary with solar. Thereby we support users with logistics and cost advantages.”

Derek Boggs, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation at LiveView Technologies, added, “We are thrilled to partner with SFC Energy so we can rapidly provide deployed surveillance that is truly capable of operating anywhere on earth—no power, no internet, no problem.

“EFOY Pro fuel cells either replace conventional generators and remove our sole dependency on solar power, so in areas where solar is not a viable option, we can still provide cutting edge security.

“This advancement in hardware paired with our unmatched cloud-based remote monitoring platform solidifies our position as the market leader in enterprise surveillance.”

Still the decade of the fuel cell? 

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2020 is not a year many of us will want to remember. But the start of the ‘decade of the fuel cell’ did show promise, and may have had some unexpected upsides.

Despite the global slowdown and the suffering that was – and is – felt worldwide, the fuel cell sector held its own. It even grew slightly. The need for clean air, climate resilience and sustainable industries was brought into even sharper focus by the real fragility we saw in the global economy, and companies and governments tried to make sense of where to go next. They embraced hydrogen energy, and with it fuel cells. Still, supply chain delays and business uncertainty held the industry back from the growth we had anticipated 12 months ago.

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