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Loganair and CAeS’ hydrogen-powered aircraft to take off in 2027

Loganair and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) will debut its hydrogen-electric, Britten-Norman Islander in 2027.

The hydrogen-powered plane will take to the skies in Kirkwall, Scotland, after the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Initiated through Project Fresson, the MoU will ensure the two companies combine expertise and encompass operational requirements and design, standards and regulations, infrastructure development, and stakeholder engagement. The end goal is to commercially rollout the hydrogen-powered Islander and into operational service in the Orkney Islands.

Last year (2023), CAeS announced it will convert a Britten-Norman Islander to hydrogen propulsion, with the demonstrator aircraft set to begin its test flight programme this year.

The aircraft will be converted by replacing one of its two piston engines with hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems (HFCPS), which will generate 240kW of electric power and 220kW from the motor.

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Loganair is aiming to become Net Zero throughout all its operations by 2040. Peter Simpson, Executive Chairman at Loganair, claimed the company is doing everything to “manage and mitigate the environmental impact of our flying.”

“Our Greenskies environmental programme, which offsets carbon emissions and invests in future flight technologies, is unique within the industry and our partnerships with CAeS builds on the commitments we have made as part of this,” he added.

“The short haul routes we operate in Orkney and the challenging weather conditions we face, make the ideal test bed for hydrogen-electric aircraft.”

Paul Hutton, CEO of CAeS, explained that the MoU will ensure significant strides are taken towards achieving zero-emission flight in the Orkney Islands, and therefore enabling the first zero-emission passenger air service in the UK.

Hydrogen-powered aviation has taken off over the past year in terms of investment and deployment.

Just yesterday (February 5), it was reported that a four-seat aircraft utilising a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine had completed its maiden flight in Shenyang, China.

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