MAN Energy Solutions partners with Bavarian Hydrogen Council

MAN Energy Solutions has partnered with the Bavarian Hydrogen Council to work with major players from politics, finance and science to develop hydrogen technology.

The Bavarian Hydrogen Council, alongside its partners, aims to increase the use of hydrogen in practical applications. The partnership’s activities will be coordinated from the Bavarian Hydrogen Centre at the Energie Campus in Nuremberg.

“We are excited to see hydrogen technology coming to the fore in Bavaria. Just like the Bavarian government, we are certain that hydrogen will play an important role in ensuring the success of the energy transition,” said Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Energy Solutions.

“Together with other members of this council, we want to give hydrogen technology the boost it needs to really demonstrate its enormous potential with regard to decarbonising the economy and society.”

“The use of green hydrogen and synthetic fuels will pave the way to establishing a climate-neutral global economy in the future.”

“Hydrogen can be obtained from renewable energy sources in a climate-neutral fashion and forms the basis for the production of a variety of synthetic fuels using power-to-X technology.”

“These ‘e-fuels’ allow renewable energy to be used beyond power grids. The production of hydrogen consequently constitutes an important interface in the coupling of energy, transportation and heating sectors. Bavaria has the chance to become a pioneer in this sector now.”

MAN Energy Solutions will collaborate with H-TEC SYSTEMS, an electrolysis technology company, to provide support for multiple initiatives, including the development of PEM electrolysers in the megawatt range.

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