Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy Conference: Norway to increase hydrogen pilots and projects

Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy Conference: Norway to increase hydrogen pilots and projects

The Norwegian Government will increase the number of hydrogen pilots and demonstration projects in a bid to find solutions to combat climate change.

That’s what Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg told the 5th International Conference on Maritime Hydrogen and Maritime Energy this morning.

Norway has a national focus on hydrogen with the government launching its hydrogen strategy in June and recently beginning work on a hydrogen roadmap.

One month ago, Solberg announced that the government will kickstart the demand for full scale hydrogen production in Norway by using both public tenders and regulations.

“As the world community combats and mitigates the effects of Covid-19, you must keep in mind the range of challenges we are facing. We have to find solutions to combat climate change and at the same time ensure healthy food, clean energy, clean transport and secure jobs for all growing population,” she said in the conference’s opening speech.

“I am very pleased to take part in this event as I strongly believe that the maritime and marine sectors are part of the answer.”

“Green maritime solutions can also provide opportunities for Norwegian maritime industries which have activities across the entire value chain.”

Solberg highlighted three “exciting” Norwegian maritime projects that are in the pipeline:

  • In 2021, a hydrogen-electric ferry made by Norled and the Weston shipyard will hit the water in Norway, operating on the Hjelmeland – Skipavik – Nesvik route.
  • Another project led by Havyard Group is combining liquid hydrogen fuel cells with battery storage to a achieve zero emission operations on the world heritage fjords.
  • Finally, Samskip is working to build and develop profitable maritime container transport using hydrogen and fuel cells.

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“An important target for my Norwegian Government is to increase the number of pilots and demonstration projects such as this,” Solberg continued.

“We know high costs and immature technologies appear to be a central barrier for commercialisation.”

“Among several initiatives to achieve this, let me highlight the proposal of NOK 100m in the next year’s budget and our work to develop a roadmap for hydrogen in Norway.”

“Ultimately, our policies acknowledge that the predominant develop of hydrogen technologies must come from abroad.”

“Increasing international interest for green shipping globally is encouraging and the Norwegian authorities will strive to participate in international forums as well as in various partnerships.”

“I look forward to seeing this develop unfold further both in Norway and globally.”

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