McPhy signs deal with TSG for the maintenance of its hydrogen stations
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McPhy signs deal with TSG for the maintenance of its hydrogen stations

McPhy is set to introduce high quality maintenance services to its extensive hydrogen station portfolio following an agreement signed with TSG.

The two firms announced a strategic partnership today (15th April) which will allow McPhy to offer first class 24/7 maintenance for its hydrogen stations as it looks to scale up its network and introduce new stations across Europe to support national infrastructures.

McPhy said it currently has 35 hydrogen stations installed or being installed, and an industrial scale-up will accelerate the development of an ever-growing portfolio of project opportunities.

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With the gradual scaling of its operations, and construction of new stations, McPhy said it sought services to improve the availability and response times.

The deal signed with TSG, a European provider of installation and maintenance services for energy distribution networks, will address this demand, and help with training, preventive maintenance and the development of a predictive maintenance offer, based on large data analysis.

Laurent Carme, CEO of McPhy, said, “This strategic agreement signed with TSG allows us to go further in structuring our service offer for hydrogen stations.

“Our service team, formed by experts in hydrogen technologies, will be able to rely on a partner of TSG’s stature, whose network extends throughout Europe.

“This cooperation will allow us to reinforce the reactivity and competitiveness of our hydrogen station maintenance services, while respecting the highest standards for our customers.”

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Hydrogen energy is at a turning point, with various start-up companies of the past decade transitioning from R&D driven organisations to embrace industrialisation. Scale-up and concrete realisation of hydrogen’s future role is the order of the day.

One such company managing this transformation and preparing for a profitable future, with a purpose, is McPhy Energy. In an exclusive interview to explore the company’s past, present and future, as well as its product differentiation, H2 View spoke with CEO Laurent Carme, read it again here.

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