Mr. Trudeau, build that hydrogen pipeline!

Mr. Trudeau, build that hydrogen pipeline!

I had a dream the other night about a pipeline protest. I was standing by a road in a remote area – perhaps unceded First Nations territory…and there were hundreds of people with placards and signs chanting a protest song.

First Nations, young people…wait, is that Greta Thunberg?  She’s in a battery electric vehicle. Didn’t anyone tell her this is a long way from Vancouver and an electric charging station? Uh oh, here comes another group…truckers and oil workers from Alberta and factory workers from Ontario.  And they’re all driving big pickups and heavy trucks loaded with new protesters.

Now the two groups are meeting up and a big, burly oil worker walks up to Greta and…plugs her car into his pickup.  Wait, what?  Does that say fuel cell electric vehicle on the side of his truck?  They hug, she hands him a sign and they join the chant:

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