NedStack Australia joint venture receives $825,000 to develop PEM fuel cell technology

NedStack Australia joint venture receives $825,000 to develop PEM fuel cell technology

NedStack Australia is set to receive A$825,000 ($604,749) from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMGC) to further develop proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology in Australia to support the expanding hydrogen industry.

NedStack Australia is a joint venture between LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology and Nedstack of the Netherlands.

The joint venture will utilise the AMGC grant to locally develop utility scale PEM fuel cell products in Australia with the hopes that it could lead to future large-scale manufacturing.

The prototype will be developed at the A$20M ($14.6m) Springfield facility, expanding on the planned manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells for LAVO’s 40kWh storage unit

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LAVO’s green hydrogen-powered devices are currently utilising NedStack fuel cells from the Netherlands in its hydrogen energy storage system.

Expanding PEM fuel cell product development and manufacturing in Australian will enhance the domestic capability to meet the growing demand for fuel cells in hydrogen-fed power supply units across the renewable energy, telecom, mining and transportation industries.

Local manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells will improve the hydrogen eco-system supply chain and provide a long-term sustainable solution to supply domestic industry and help Australian key industries meet their net-zero targets.

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LAVO is headquartered in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Our technology is truly Australian – from research to development to commercialisation.

LAVO™ is changing the way people live with energy. As the world’s first hydrogen technology and lifestyle company, LAVO™ designs and manufactures renewable hydrogen energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use. The LAVO System uses innovative, patented metal hydride technology to store hydrogen equivalent to up to 40kWh electricity – enough to power an average household for more than two days without the reliance of the grid.

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