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Nel stands ready to oppose Californian lawsuit by Iwatani Corporation of America

Nel has said it will oppose allegations made in a Californian lawsuit made by Iwatani Corporation of America (ICA) regarding hydrogen refuelling equipment and services.

The company said ICA filed a lawsuit with the US District Court in the Central District of California with claims for damages in an “unspecified amount” towards Nel and some of its subsidiaries.

The claims are in connection with agreements for the delivery of hydrogen refuelling equipment and services between Nel Hydrogen Inc. and ICA.

Nel said it “strongly reject[s]” the allegations and will “vigorously oppose” them and the lawsuit.

H2 View has reached out to ICA for comment on the allegations.

In February 2022, ICA and Chevron U.S.A. Inc. announced an agreement to co-develop and construct 30 hydrogen refuelling sites in California by 2026. Nel was not mentioned in the agreement.

However, since that date Nel Hydrogen Inc. received a purchase order for the delivery of 16 hydrogen refuelling stations be deployed in California, US, from an “undisclosed US energy company.”

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Originally, Nel announced the capacity reservation agreement for the stations in December 2022, and said the deal was valued at around $7m. It became a firm purchase order in June 2023.

H2 View has asked for confirmation from Nel that the lawsuit involves the purchase order.

This is an evolving story and H2 View will update it with any new developments.


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