New Hydrogen UK membership hopes to shape hydrogen categorisation
New Hydrogen UK membership hopes to shape hydrogen categorisation

New Hydrogen UK membership hopes to shape hydrogen categorisation

Hydrogen UK has welcomed climate-tech firm, Levidian to help upscale hydrogen across the UK, focusing on shaping hydrogen categorisation, it was announced on Tuesday (May 31).

Cambridge-based Levidian hopes to ensure hydrogen categorisation is centred on carbon footprint, rather than production method, with its new membership. The UK Government’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Strategy has come as an important step towards this.

In April 2022, the UK Government’s Energy Security strategy set out the importance of new technologies in reaching national hydrogen targets of 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Trade association, Hydrogen UK, commits itself to the development and deployment of hydrogen solutions to meet Net Zero targets in the UK.

John Hartley, Chief Executive of Levidian, said, “We’re delighted to be working with Hydrogen UK to support the scaling up and commercialisation of hydrogen, which is critical to reducing our global carbon emissions.

“With ambitious new national targets set by the Government, we want to make sure policy supports innovation.

“By focusing on the carbon impact of hydrogen, rather than the specific technologies used to create it, Levidian believes the UK can unlock the massive potential of the hydrogen sector.”

Levidian unveiled its £700m ($855m) LOOP systems project in May this year (2022), a devise which utilises gas wastage to reduce carbon emissions and support the creation of clean hydrogen.

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Clare Jackson, CEO of Hydrogen UK, commented, “We are excited to welcome pioneers, Levidian, to Hydrogen UK, bringing with them some thrilling advancements in hydrogen production.

“Levidian’s arrival comes hot on the heels of a rush of new members, making Hydrogen UK the largest trade association for the industry in the UK, and marking the critical role of hydrogen in the country’s Net Zero future.”

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