New mobile hydrogen module set to rival diesel generators
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New mobile hydrogen module set to rival diesel generators

Devinn and Worthington Industries have teamed up to develop hydrogen systems that could rival diesel generators for use in off-grid, on-grid and automotive applications.

H2BASE is regarded as a reliable alternative to diesel generators especially in low-emission zones with the only emission being water as well as being mobile, quiet, easy to use and capable of providing high-capacity energy.

Each H2BASE unit has three cylinders containing 14.1kg at 500 bar pressure and can deliver up to 100kW of power, with a total capacity of 230kW.

The unit can operate indoors and outdoors in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C with the unit able to be replaced while it is still running, or the cylinders can be filled by a mobile refueler.

The H2BASE modules come in three configurations. Two of them measure 80 x 120 x 150cm and weigh 323kg, and the largest measures 80 x 120 x 240cm and weighs 650kg.

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The Czech company teamed up with Worthington whose European Network designed and manufactured the composite cylinders used for the storage and transport of the compressed hydrogen used in its new product.

In addition to fine-tuning the ergonomics for this portable solution, Worthington also looked to maximise the amount of hydrogen that can be packed on to the European pallet’s footprint.

It is possible to interconnect a large number of storage modules together for extended capacity and run time with a user also capable of controlling and monitoring the units via a remote, wireless interface.

The company also notes that there is a dense network of hydrogen filling stations across Germany and Denmark with sites being added weekly.

For deployment in the market, the units will be competitively priced and will consult with each customer to come up with an appropriate pricing structure to maximise the prowess of sales.

Once the market volume has scaled up, Devinn has predicted that the hydrogen units will cost roughly the same as diesel generators.

The company has also cited several industries that have been suggested potential applications including outdoor and town events, the building sector, as an auxiliary power source, mobile vehicle charging and apartment complexes.

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