New project formed to deploy fuel cell buses across Europe

New project formed to deploy fuel cell buses across Europe

Horizon Fuel Cell Group, GOLDI Mobility Kft and Hy-Hybrid Energy have grouped together to deploy more fuel cell buses across Europe.

Project GOLDiON® will see GOLDI, a Hungary-based public transport manufacturer, deploy 12- and 18-meter fuel cell busses powered by Horizon technologies.

The first bus to be deployed will be an 18-meter model powered by a 100kW fuel cell system from Horizon.

“Horizon is pleased to confirm our first European customer for the new Horizon 100kW fuel cell system, which we believe has the potential to become the benchmark for high power fuel cell modules,” said George Gu, Chairman of Horizon Group.

“Working with partners in Europe and other markets, we aim to establish sufficient demand to justify local manufacture of fuel cells, as we essentially replicate many times over our new facility designed to produce 10,000 vehicle stacks per year.”

As part of project GOLDiON® Horizon will also deploy its PEM fuel cell in the first hydrogen powered bus for Hungary.

“We chose Horizon as our fuel cell partner as their business strategy aligns with the GOLDI Mobility ambitions in clean energy mobility,” said Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Hy-Hybrid Energy CEO

“We also saw the value in leveraging valuable experience gained by Horizon engineering in the China market, where hundreds of commercial vehicles are already powered by Horizon, and many more are being deployed as we go to market.”

“I selected Horizon after witnessing their impressive recent developments in heavy-duty vehicles, along with their ability to be competitive,” said Ferenc Kovacs, GOLDI Mobility CEO.

“We always aim to offer the best European quality at the best price, as we have done in the public transport sector since 1981. It will be the same with electric buses in the future.”

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