NGN set to study future hydrogen storage designed to support the grid

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) has been awarded £300,000 ($380,219) to initiate two feasibility studies to secure Net Zero energy.

Funded via the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), the studies will examine hydrogen storage mediums and how gas, water and power networks can collaborate to support regional decision-making for low-carbon infrastructure.

The Production and Long-Term Containment of Hydrides (PATCH) study will examine the feasibility of hydrogen storage, working with Teesside University and Frazer-Nash Consultancy to understand the chemical hydride market.

The chemical compound could be a storage vector for hydrogen and potentially couple production and industrial hubs to reduce energy requirements and distribute storage throughout the UK.

“As a gas network we know we have the responsibility to our 6.8 million customers to support delivery of Net Zero at the lowest possible cost,” explained Nick Smith, Innovation Manager for NGN.

“This work can play an important role in understanding how we can achieve that, and make that difference in a faster, more efficient way.”

The second study NGN will undertake is the Regional Energy Strategic Modelling project (RESM). It will study how gas, water and power networks can work better together through planning to support infrastructure decision-making and constraint management of the electricity system.

This project will be delivered with Durham University, DNV, Northumbrian Water and Northern Powergrid.

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