Norway’s hydrogen-fuelled maritime sector progresses

Norway’s hydrogen-fuelled maritime sector progresses

Mongstad Industrial Park in Norway has been selected as the location for what could be the country’s first production plant for liquid hydrogen serving the maritime market.

Located in Vestland country, on the west coast of Norway, the chosen site is positioned close to customers in the maritime sectors and offers promising opportunities for expansion to meet increased demand for liquid hydrogen.

The news follows the establishment of a consortium late last year, formed of BKK, Air Liquide and Equinor, that set out with an aim to build a complete liquid hydrogen supply chain in Norway.

Partners of the consortium are now developing solutions for storage and transportation to end users in the maritime sectors and aims to make liquid hydrogen available for commercial shipping by 2024.

“This is a very important project at a very challenging time for the offshore and maritime industry,” said Ingrid von Streng Velken, Corporate Director Innovation and Development at consortium leader BKK.

“It can represent the beginnings of a large Norwegian hydrogen industry that will create new jobs and strengthen Norwegian maritime suppliers’ competitiveness in a global market, where decarbonisation of shipping is high on the agenda.”

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