Norwegian hydrogen plant progresses

Norwegian hydrogen plant progresses

Norwegian clean energy company ZEG Power will build a hydrogen production plant at CCB Energy Park at Kollsnes.

The plant will showcase ZEG Power’s production technology which features integrated carbon capture, based on sorbent enhanced reforming, producing streams of high purity hydrogen and high purity carbon dioxide ready for utilisation or storage.

The company has recently raised NOK 130m (€11m) for the deployment of its technology.

Investors include IFE Invest, Stratel, AP Ventures, Nysnø, SPARX Mirai, Nordea Investment Management, Danske Capital, CCB and CO2 Management.

Located adjacent to the planned Northern Light CO2 storage facility, the plant hopes to begin hydrogen production as early as 2022. Until the Northern Lights CO2 storage facility is established, ZEG Power will use renewable biogas as input-gas in order to enable clean hydrogen production.

“This overwhelming interest, from some of the world’s leading technology players, clearly shows how important the efficient production of emission-free hydrogen is for the future,” said Katherine Ryengen, CEO of ZEG Power.

The technology was originally developed at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), which through its venture arm will remain ZEG Power’s major owner.

ZEG Power hopes that the new capital will help with upscaling and commercialisation of the technology to the 250-500 tonnes H2/pa scales, the recruitment of team members, and the growth of key partnerships.

“We are looking forward to further develop and scale-up the ZEG technology together with our new investors. Our clean technology will contribute to reach climate neutrality as hydrogen becomes key in many industrial sectors,” said Jørgen Lundberg, CEO of IFE Invest AS.




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