OHI launches toolkit to measure hydrogen’s carbon footprint

The Open Hydrogen Initiative (OHI) has launched a “first-of-its-kind” open-source toolkit designed to measure carbon intensity in hydrogen production.

The toolkit was unveiled by GTI Energy and S&P Global Commodity Insights, along with a cohort of collaborators from the industry, academia and scientific experts across the globe.

Available on an open-source basis, the toolkit will measure carbon intensity, aimed at “furthering transparency into the environmental impact of hydrogen production.”

It has already been demonstrated in 13 industry projects and contains detailed analyses for more than 200 technologies across 270 countries. A statement released by the companies said it’s the “most comprehensive open-source hydrogen life cycle assessment toolkit available on the market.”

GTI President and CEO, Paula Grant, said, “The OHI toolkit offers open and auditable emissions accounting to help companies and governments understand the trade-offs between the cost and environmental impacts of hydrogen.”

Data from S&P forecasted hydrogen supply to grow 170% by 2050, with 98% of global hydrogen supply in 2023 coming from fossil fuels and a small fraction of associated emissions abated by carbon capture and sequestration.

Alan Hayes, Head of Energy Transition Pricing and Market Data at S&P, commented, “Understanding a commodities decarbonisation potential via its carbon intensity and having the tools and data to assign a dollar value will play a central role in helping markets deliver a low-carbon economy.”

Despite low-carbon hydrogen, or blue hydrogen, meeting most of the demand for the fuel, the US’ Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) clean hydrogen production tax credit rules could jeopardise blue hydrogen projects due to upstream emissions assumptions, H2 View has learned.

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