Plans confirmed for India’s ‘first’ green hydrogen-powered storage development
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Plans confirmed for India’s ‘first’ green hydrogen-powered storage development

Bloom Energy is set to power what is believed to be India’s first green hydrogen-powered storage development, designed to explore large-scale, off-grid hydrogen energy storage and microgrid projects across the country.

An NTPC project, the site will utilise Bloom Energy’s solid oxide, hydrogen temperature electrolyser to generate green hydrogen from renewable electricity generation at a nearby floating solar farm.

Once produced, the produced hydrogen will then be converted into carbon neutral electricity without combustion through Bloom Energy’s hydrogen fuel cells and power NTPC’s Guest House, used by both employees and guests.

A huge contributor when it comes to achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 in India, the project is expected to begin in 2022 at its site in Simhadri, Visakhapatnam, India.

Venkat Venkataraman, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer at Bloom Energy, said, “Reducing carbon emissions is the number one priority in the fight against climate change, and green hydrogen will be critical to India’s decarbonisation objectives.

“Bloom’s technology is well-positioned to help India transition to a net-zero, hydrogen-powered economy, and we are excited to collaborate with NTPC to bring the country’s first green hydrogen microgrid to life. The powerful combination of Bloom’s high-efficiency electrolysers and fuel cells enables the highest possible round-trip efficiency with green hydrogen for energy storage.”

It is believed the collaboration on the project will serve as a foundation for future partnering between the duo.

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