Plans to ship renewable hydrogen from Australia to Japan move forward
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Plans to ship renewable hydrogen from Australia to Japan move forward

Queensland’s largest electricity generator Stanwell Corporation is being supported by $2.2m of ARENA funding to explore the feasibility of producing renewable hydrogen in the Australian state for export to Japan.

The study, delivered in partnership with Japan’s largest hydrogen supplier Iwatani, would see 36,500 tonnes per annum of renewable hydrogen produced and exported to Japan from 2026, scaling up to 328,500 tonnes per year by 2030.

Stanwell proposes to ship the hydrogen in liquid form using liquid hydrogen shipping vessels developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, in a similar way to Australia’s current liquefied natural gas exports.

The A$10.4m study is also supported by investment from a broader consortium of Japanese and domestic partners including Kansai Electric Power Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and APA Group, and funding support from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said the project represents an opportunity to investigate the potential of Australia becoming a significant exporter of renewable hydrogen.

“Stanwell’s study presents a significant opportunity to accelerate the development of export opportunities for renewable hydrogen in Australia and to work with a highly credible consortium from Japan that has the potential to deliver a large scale export project,” he said.

“Australia’s vast solar and wind resources and our proven ability to export energy products mean we are well placed to build a large-scale competitive hydrogen export industry in the future.

“Feasibility studies like this are a necessary and crucial step to build the case to attract the finance required for large impactful projects.”

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