Plans unveiled for large-scale green hydrogen production in Glomfjord

Plans unveiled for large-scale green hydrogen production in Glomfjord

Glomfjord Hydrogen and Air Liquide have signed an agreement to establish a complete value chain for the production and liquefaction of hydrogen in Glomfjord Industrial Park.

The goal is to be able to offer zero emission fuel for the new ferries to be put into operation in the Vestfjorden connection in 2024.

The operators also see the possibility of scaling up production so that liquid and compressed hydrogen can be offered to other maritime and land transport consumers, as well as industry.

Glomfjord Hydrogen will produce hydrogen gas based on renewable energy electrolysis, and Air Liquide will contribute to the project through its technology and expertise in liquefying hydrogen gas.

Liquid hydrogen based on renewable energy will be a competitive zero emission solution for the maritime sector, when production takes place at strategic locations in large volumes, and delivered through efficient and secure supply chains.

“We are pleased that through targeted work we have reached this important milestone for Glomfjord Hydrogen!” said Finn Nordmo, General Manager of Glomfjord Hydrogen.

“Through a partnership with Air Liquide, we see this as an important step towards the re-establishment of large-scale renewable hydrogen production in Glomfjord Industrial Park.”

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