Plastic Omnium opens two R&D centres with hydrogen focus

Plastic Omnium opens two R&D centres with hydrogen focus

To meet the challenges of the car of the future, French automotive supplier Plastic Omnium has opened two new research and development (R&D) centres dedicated to clean, carbon-free mobility, in particularly using hydrogen.

The ω-Omegatech centre opened in China on 18th June (2019), specialising in development, testing, prototyping and mechanical testing of fuel systems. It will also conduct testing and development for high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

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The site at Wuhan, the pilot city for the hydrogen sector in China, already has 57 projects in development.

The Hydrogen Council members second centre, Δ-Deltatech, opened close to Brussels Airport in Belgium on 1st July (2019).

Dedicated to fuel and emissions reduction systems, Δ-Deltatech is also spearheading R&D in new energies, fuel cells and hydrogen storage.

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Plastic Omnium also released its half year results recently, which the French company said shows “good resilience”.

In the second half of 2018, Plastic Omnium said worldwide automotive production declined for the first time in 10 years (-4.4%), steepening in the first half of 2019 (-6.9%).

In this context, Plastic Omnium saw its revenue grow by 21% and its results show good resilience thanks to cost savings plans carried out from the fourth quarter of 2018.

Commenting on the results, Chairman and CEO Laurent Burelle said, “With a solid order book, Plastic Omnium confirms its objective of strengthening its financial structure through strict control of investments and costs in order to consolidate its leadership as an innovative automotive supplier.”

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