Plug Power and CLH to develop Spanish hydrogen market

Plug Power and CLH to develop Spanish hydrogen market

Plug Power is partnering with Spanish hydrogen production and distributor Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos (CLH) to grow the renewable hydrogen market in Spain and Europe.

Through a new agreement announced yesterday, CLH will develop hydrogen production assets and downstream markets in Spain, in the industrial, mobility and power production/storage sectors, for distribution to Plug Power customers throughout Europe.

Through zero emission hydrogen fuel cell system applications commercialised by Plug Power, including industrial material handling, on road commercial fleet vehicles and port applications (air, marine, and rail) where CLH has a strong presence, both partners expect to impact the growth of the renewable hydrogen market in Spain and Europe.

“Finding and accelerating adoption opportunities in the Spanish material handling market is pivotal to the greater success of adopting clean energy mobility solutions,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power.

“Like Plug Power, CLH shares a value to sustainability, safety and collaboration. Our partnership is already providing fruitful work and we look forward to finding areas of collaboration in the future.”

Plug Power said it expects its European business to grow by more than 60% per year for the next five years.

The American firm said its customers are currently the largest users of liquid hydrogen in the US – and soon enough, the world.

Plug Power continues to invest in hydrogen supply and generation methods to support current and expected growth.

CLH has an international presence in logistics, fuel storage and delivery in markets including motor, aviation and marine.

Together, Plug Power and CLH intended to explore other potential areas of collaboration related to the development of hydrogen solutions for airports, goods transportation and delivery networks – markets where high-asset utilisation is important, and the value proposition of fuel cells makes tremendous sense.

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