Plug Power, Apex Clean Energy set to develop the largest wind-supplied hydrogen project in the US

Plug Power, Apex Clean Energy set to develop the largest wind-supplied hydrogen project in the US

Plug Power and Apex Clean Energy have announced today (July 14) a 345MW wind power purchase agreement (PPA) and a development services agreement for a green hydrogen production facility.

Plug Power said that the hydrogen plant being developed is said to be the first and largest wind-supplied hydrogen project in the US as well as the largest onshore wind-powered project across the globe.

The power purchased through the PPA will directly supply a new hydrogen production plant with 100% renewable power.

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Once operational the plant is expected to produce over 30 metric tonnes per day of clean liquid hydrogen, enough to fuel 2,000 light commercial vehicles or over 1,000 heavy duty class eight trucks.

Mark Goodwin, President and CEO of Apex Clean Energy, said, “Delivering carbon-free solutions at scale is how Apex accelerates the shift to clean energy.

“Innovative solutions and partnerships with pioneers like Plug Power help us expand the impact of our business, taking us into the next frontier of decarbonising the American economy and amplifying the potential of our industry-leading renewable energy portfolio.”

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, said, “As leaders building the hydrogen economy, we are on track to build a first-of-its-kind green hydrogen generation network in North America alongside an experienced partner, Apex.

“This wind-powered green hydrogen plant is important to Plug Power’s customers and to achieving our generation targets of 500 tonnes per day by 2025 and 1,000 tonnes per day before 2028.”

The Story of Plug Power

Want to find out more about Plug Power and its role in the hydrogen market? H2 View’s Molly Burgess interviewed Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, in an exclusive interview.

When Andy Marsh, CEO and President of Plug Power, first stepped foot through the company’s factory doors in 2008, he never imagined he would be running a business that supplies the likes of Amazon and Walmart 13 years later, and a business that is on track to achieve $1bn in revenue by 2024.

Whilst success is strongly something that Plug Power oozes, the US fuel cell specialist’s triumph is the result of years of hard work; something that Marsh strongly reaffirmed when he recently sat down with H2 View. “Plug has not been an overnight success; it’s been a 25 year-long journey,” he said.

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