Plug Power lands three electrolyser deals for European green hydrogen projects

Plug Power has landed three 5MW electrolyser projects with Ardagh Glass Limmared AB, Hydro Havrand, and the APEX Group.

Plug claims it will be the first use of industrial-scale green hydrogen in glass manufacturing, aluminum recycling, and steel manufacturing processes, and it is the only company offering 5MW containerised PEM electrolysers today. The standardised turnkey system, with a production capacity of more than two tonnes per day, reduces site construction costs and implementation complexity.

Green glass manufacturing
Located east of Gothenburg, Sweden, Ardagh Glass Limmared is the only glass packaging producer in the Nordics and a supplier to a popular spirits company in Sweden. Dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions, Ardagh will produce 2.1 metric tonnes per day (TPD) of green hydrogen by the end of the year, replacing a portion of the natural gas used today while reducing overall carbon emissions at the plant. Ardagh will use hydroelectric power to generate hydrogen from Plug’s electrolyser.

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