Plug Power recognised on Top Green Providers List

Plug Power recognised on Top Green Providers List

Plug Power has been named to the Top Green Providers list for 2020 by Food Logistics, a publication dedicated to covering the movement of products through the global food supply chain.

The company was recognised for its products that currently move 30% of the retail food and groceries through the US, an increase from 25%, as a result of support provided during the coronavirus crisis.

2020 marks the fourth year in a row that Plug Power has been named on the Top Green Providers list.

“The benefits of hydrogen fuel cells are seen every day, resulting in an increase of more than 200 hours of pick time per year per vehicle in a three-shift facility, versus a battery-powered forklift,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power.

“We’re honoured to be named to the Top Green Providers list for the four time as we continue to build and expand our portfolio of advanced technology, zero emission commercial solutions that enable customers in all parts of the supply chain to move product around the world in the cleanest way possible.”

In 2020, Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cell solutions will provide the power for middle-mile and last-mile delivery vehicles as well, improving the sustainability of the entire logistics chain.

Improved efficiency, reliability, and cost efficiency – combined with access to fleet performance data – has continued to increase the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells in the food logistics space: 32,000 fuel cell-powered forklifts have completed over 27 million hydrogen fills.

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