© Plug Power / The company's Georgia plant
© Plug Power / The company's Georgia plant

Plug Power resumes Tennessee liquid hydrogen plant to boost US capacity

Plug Power has re-started operation of its liquid hydrogen plant in Tennessee, the US, and has implemented additional design improvements.

Located in Charleston, the plant will add a further 10 tonnes per day (TPD) of liquid hydrogen to the US market, with Plug now boasting around 25TPD of capacity along with its Georgia plant – expected to be the largest PEM electrolyser operating in the US.

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The implemented design improvements will enhance the Charleston plant’s overall efficiency. Plug will also provide a cryogenic trailer fleet to deliver the liquid hydrogen to its customers accross North America, mainly throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

The liquid hydrogen will be used in material handling operations, fuel cell electric fleets, and stationary power applications.

With the Tennessee plant coming back online, Andy Marsh, Plug Power CEO, has said the company will take another step towards “building a vertically integrated hydrogen network.”

He added, “In addition, we expect to have out joint venture plant in Louisiana to come online in Q3 2024, adding another 15TPD of liquid hydrogen capacity to the market.”

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Sanjay Shrestha, General Manager, Energy Solutions & Chief Strategy Officer at Plug, believes the liquid hydrogen production at the Tennessee and Georgia plants will “bring down the average cost of delivered hydrogen, positively impacting Plug’s fuel margins,” in line with its strategy.

Plug Power is now working on building plants in New York and Texas, along with European plants in Finland and Belgium.

However, Plug Power has recently revealed plans to sell up to $1bn of its common stock as it looks to raise additional capital to deliver on the hydrogen plants.

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The company’s losses surpassed $725m in 2023 and since last February, its prices have dropped from $17.89 to $2.42 on January 18, 2024.

Elsewhere, Linde is working on its US liquid hydrogen supply chain, announcing plans to increase capacity at its Southeast US facility last December (2023).

Following the expansion, the plant will produce up to 30TPD of liquid hydrogen, to be distributed throughout the local merchant market.

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