Preview: An interview with Nilsson Energy

Preview: An interview with Nilsson Energy

Making the impossible, possible, is the mantra of a visionary that has broken ground in creating a one-stop-shop for off-grid energy solutions involving hydrogen.

That pioneer is Nilsson Energy founding father Hans-Olof Nilsson, who has taken his passion and turned it into a game-changing business that could yet change the way our lives are powered.

“Being a pioneer is all about sticking your neck out, taking calculated risks and acting accordingly. Making the impossible, possible,” says the retired Swedish engineer.

His passion is to provide the market with plug and play, tailor-made renewable energy solutions, a path forward that Nilsson Energy continues to carve today as a one-stop-shop and provider of complete commercial off-grid energy solutions.

A retired engineer from the refrigeration industry, Nilsson invested his own capital into developing his 5,400 sq. ft family home near Gothenburg in Sweden into a state-of-the-art off-grid villa back in 2015. Now used as the company’s demo site, the house, powered by the sun, has so far hosted more than 4,300 visitors.

Solar energy is stored in batteries and hydrogen (H2) gas, securing long-term storage. By using fuel cell technology to convert hydrogen gas to electricity and heat, the household is completely self-sufficient, even when sunshine is scarce. The house generates 3,000Nm3 of hydrogen from its 23kWp of solar panels.

Nilsson Energy is a fast-growing game-changing system integrator of complete on-site, off-grid, emission-free renewable energy systems, including large-scale storage of energy in hydrogen.

Established in 2017, the company is initially focussing on creating a solid market footprint in its home market, Sweden. It is experiencing very strong customer interest from a variety of geographical markets, from the Middle East, to Asia and Africa and lately also Australia.

Read more about the Hans-Olof Nilsson, the Nilsson Energy journey and the future, in an exclusive interview with Nilsson and the company’s Marketing and PR Director Martina Wettin by H2 View’s Joanna Sampson and Rob Cockerill. The interview will feature in the first print edition of H2 View magazine this September.

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