Preview: The Mariestad vision

Preview: The Mariestad vision

Something is going on in a little town in Sweden that has the potential to change how the world understands and embraces sustainable energy generation for houses and whole communities, as well as mobility.

That town is Mariestad, a community located in the middle of the Swedish countryside, halfway between the capital city Stockholm and Gothenburg. An industrial city located close to the western coast of the country, Mariestad has taken bold decisions to attract investment back to the city and give its youth a reason to stay.

That bold path is to see Mariestad become a carbon neutral city by 2030. The city analysed its carbon footprint and identified that its cars, schools and community buildings were the largest consumers of energy (besides private homes) and made the bold decision to move to a solar PV-based hydrogen generation solution that could provide adequate energy to all of these, purely from renewable energy sources.

And it all started with a quaint and unique home in Gothenburg. Hans-Olof Nilsson, a technologist from that city, has always been driven by green initiatives that were aimed at saving the planet. When the opportunity presented itself, Nilsson designed a PV (solar) hydrogen generation solution and decided to make himself the proverbial guinea pig by installing it in a specially built home that he would live in…

Read more about the Mariestad vision, how Hans-Olof Nilsson designed that house to maximise its energy intake, and what the incredible results of its success are, in H2 View’s special feature on the Mariestad vision, coming soon. Authored by Ravin Mirchandani and with the insight of Nilsson Energy, the article will feature in the first print edition of H2 View magazine this September.

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