Pure Hydrogen targets Port Anthony, Victoria for hydrogen hub

Pure Hydrogen targets Port Anthony, Victoria for hydrogen hub

Pure Hydrogen’s plans to create four hydrogen hubs on the East Coast of Australia have taken a step forward today with the signing of a new deal in Port Anthony, Victoria.

The Real Energy subsidiary and Australian hydrogen project development firm Port Anthony Renewables will together build and develop a large-scale hydrogen production facility at Port Anthony, which is expected to produce 20 tonnes of hydrogen per day.

Real Energy’s Managing Director Scott Brown said, “Pure Hydrogen is pleased to be partnering with Port Anthony Renewables, and together, we are committed to building and operating a hydrogen plant at Port Anthony that encompasses best-of-breed hydrogen and fuel cell technology that is available today.”

“This is an ideal site for a hydrogen hub with the necessary attributes to cater for both domestic and international markets.”

“This agreement builds on our strategy of cooperating and collaborating with experienced operators to develop a significant Hydrogen business capable of servicing a large customer base.”

“We are making solid progress securing site control at our other three planned hubs, as well as potential new locations, as well as advancing further technology and new customer agreements with further updates pending.”

Since 1966, Port Anthony has been continuously used commercially to service the Bass Strait offshore oil and gas field with project cargo and support exploration, construction and production services.

It is the only Victorian shipping terminal east of Melbourne that caters for handling dry-bulk cargoes with particular focus on bulk commodities in various forms for which facilities in Melbourne are either unavailable or cost prohibitive.

The facility is linked to major road routes and is developed as an open shipping terminal, catering for general and project cargoes as well as these bulk commodities.

Ben Anthony, Port Anthony Renewables Executive Chairman, said, “Port Anthony, and the greater surrounding area has a long-established history of supporting Australia’s energy needs and has actively participated decade after decade in the industry. It has proven itself to be a cornerstone in the energy sector.”

“This change of direction is in line with both current and future community expectations. It builds on Australia’s push to decarbonise a large energy-based industry by engaging in activities that substantially reduce carbon emissions.”

“This deal with Pure Hydrogen International is yet another opportunity to show Port Anthony can manoeuvre itself to continue to provide that service to Australia through a greener way of operating.”

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