Quantron and Ford Trucks to collaborate on hydrogen-powered mobility solutions

Quantron and Ford Trucks have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) the evaluate the latter’s technology in Ford vehicles, enabling hydrogen-powered, emission free transport.

The agreement will potentially see Quantron Inside technology, innovative e-axle, customised high-power battery, fuel cell and tank integration, energy-management and optimised aerodynamics for maximised efficiency integrated into Ford vehicles, with a focus on hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks.

In the project’s first phase, Quantron will ensure a seamless adaptation of Ford’s advanced trucks, which will be built in compliance with security regulations and expected to be completed by Q1 2024.

Ford Trucks has the aim of achieving zero-emissions in heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040 to support global decarbonisation efforts, and the partnership with Quantron is part of the pathway towards reaching that goal.

Rene Wollmann, CTO of Quantron, said, “Our partners want to accelerate their development of fuel cell powered trucks while focusing their own resources on other areas.

“We are benchmarking the FCEV light vehicle segment up to 7.5 tonnes, and in the FCEV heavy-duty segment up to 44 tonnes whereas we deliver our uncompromising and unique Quantron Inside technology & components. Our close technical collaboration will contribute to further accelerating the widespread market introduction of fuel cell electric commercial vehicles.”

Ford Trucks Leader, Emrah Duman, added, “This collaboration promises to yield substantial value in the times ahead. Ford Trucks is committed to investing in innovative technologies that will shape the future of the heavy commercial vehicle industry while aligning with our sustainability goals.

“Our primary focus is on electrification, closely followed by advancements in hydrogen technology. With a diverse pool of promising technological talents and capabilities, our efforts are making rapid and successful strides.”

Quantron recently delivered five hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks to IKEA Austria, as the company aims to decarbonise its delivery operations.

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Set to be fuelled with green hydrogen by Wien Energie, the 7.5 tonne trucks were developed in collaboration with Ballard Power Systems, and it combines batteries, fuel cells and a hydrogen storage tank to offer a range of over 500km per day.

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