Raven SR and Zanker Recycling to work on renewable hydrogen production facility

Raven SR and Zanker Recycling to work on renewable hydrogen production facility

Renewable fuels company Raven SR has signed a letter of intent with Zanker Recycling to provide the site and feedstock for Raven SR’s first 25 dry-tonne renewable hydrogen production facility.

The renewable hydrogen production site will be based on Raven SR’s multi-patented steam/carbon dioxide patented system which converts mixed feedstock into renewable fuel products such as hydrogen, diesel and methane.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zanker Recycling to make our first renewable fuel facility a reality and divert even more waste from their landfills, turning it into clean, non-combustion fuel sources,” said Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR.

“This letter of intent is an important first step in bring green, renewable hydrogen to the northern California market to help meet the California Energy Commission’s goal that transportation hydrogen be at least 33% renewable and have a carbon intensity of 30 or less.”

“Our fuels meet and exceed that requirement, and the California EPA has previously ruled our technology as a non-incineration process.”

Raven SR is contracting with Fluor Corporation on the final design engineering for its production facilities and is working to secure the financing for the San Jose and additional facilities across the US and Caribbean.

“Raven SR can eliminate the garbage pilling up in our cities and turn it into low or zero emission fuels through a method that ensure air quality, and Zanker’s collaboration on this hydrogen fuel project is an ideal means to achieve these goals,” added Murdock.

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