RIX and E1 to deploy hydrogen generators for marine and off-road applications

RIX and E1 to deploy hydrogen generators for marine and off-road applications

As part of a new agreement, RIX Industries and Element 1 (E1) will deploy methanol-based M-Series hydrogen generator technology in both North America and Europe.

As part of a license agreement, RIX has been granted the rights to manufacturer and deploy E1’s M-Series on-board hydrogen generators for use in a variety of fuel cell mobility applications including marine vessels, off-road vehicles and heavy-lift trucks.

Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at RIX, said, “RIX Industries has a global reputation for excellence and the addition of E1’s class-leading technology to our portfolio strategically aligns with our brand and our growth strategy.”

“We are focused on the clean energy future and firmly believe that there is a significant market opportunity that can be effectively addressed by RIX incorporating E1’s M-Series hydrogen generator into power solutions.”

Dr. David Edlund, CEO of E1, added, “E1 is delighted and privileged to be collaborating with RIX. They are a first-class manufacturing partner and a long-time authorised supplier to multiple branches of the US military along with a wide range of commercial and industrial end-users.”

“The on-board hydrogen generation technology being licensed to RIX is unique to E1 and is highly enabling to the mass commercialisation of fuel cell systems for a wide variety of transportation-related fuel cell applications. I anticipate our relationship with RIX to broaden substantially over the not too distant future.”

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