RIX Industries launches mobile hydrogen generation system
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RIX Industries launches mobile hydrogen generation system

RIX Industries has announced today (29th April) the availability of its flagship mobile hydrogen generation system which can bring green power to shipboard and marine environments.

The methanol-to-hydrogen (M2H2) power systems have the ability to generate hydrogen both onboard and on demand with these systems offering users a safer and smaller shipboard volume requirement compared to high-pressure compressed hydrogen solutions.

In addition to this, the RIX M2H2-Series also eliminates the heavy and costly footprint of cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage and is capable of supporting 30kW to 120kW fuel cell solutions which can be combined to support mega-watt applications as well.

It is expected that these highly efficient power systems provide marine shipbuilders and operators with a path to steer away from environmentally damaging diesel-based propulsion solutions.

Because of this, the M2H2-Series systems create an effective commercial path to clean, scalable hydrogen power for many maritime applications.

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The system is a vital step in addressing the global challenge facing the shipping industry, now required to meet immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and eventually elimination of diesel power as mandated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at RIX Industries, said, “While hydrogen power technology is globally recognised as critical to reducing pollution and climate change, rugged readymade systems that capitalise on this technology have been absent from the power landscape.

“Tapping into the convenience of methanol as a hydrogen carrier, our industry-leading mobile system produces hydrogen safely, efficiently, and as needed – a sea change in hydrogen usability and competitive value for shipbuilders working to minimise their environmental impact.”

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