Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy report unveiled at FCS&EE

Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy report unveiled at FCS&EE

A road map detailing how the US can expand its global energy presence by scaling up activity in the developing hydrogen economy has been unveiled at the 2019 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition.

The Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy was developed by a coalition of 18 oil & gas, power, automotive, fuel cell and hydrogen companies including Nikola Motors, Cummins Inc., Shell and Air Liquide.

The roadmap showcases the versatility of hydrogen as an enabler of the renewable energy system, an energy vector that can be transported and stored and a fuel for the transportation sector, heating of buildings and providing heat and feedstock to industry.

“This Road Map shows how critically important hydrogen is to achieve a lower-carbon energy mix, and with the right actions now, reinforce US energy leadership and strengthen our economy by generating $140bn per year in revenue and 700,000 jobs by 2030, and, $750bn per year in revenue and 3.4 million jobs by 2050 hydrogen,” said Morry Markowitz, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA).

“In addition, if the right actions are taken now a competitive hydrogen industry can meet 14% of US energy demand by 2050.”

With increased implementation of hydrogen, the US can both reduce carbon and local emissions, increase energy security and strengthen the economy and support the deployment of renewable power generation.

“Clearly the US is a major player, but to remain dominant and meet future energy challenges, the US has to raise its game with further investments and public policies that reduce regulatory barriers, promote research, development and deployment, and reward innovation.”

“Other countries are laying plans for hydrogen economies and the US will need to move quickly to continue to lead in this growing industry.”

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